Plant List

At Wattle Grove Plant Farm we have an extensive plant list. From nine different varities of Bracjysema Callistemon, to 14 varieties of Grevillea... you'll find what your looking for.


Click here for our complete plant list.


Orders can be made by phone, fax, email or calling Grant directly.

We accept all credit cards. See our contact page for details.


Source the Plant you Want: If you did not see your preferred plant on the stock list, please contact us, as we are able to order it for you. Aside from growing some of the plants ourselves, we also source some plants from other suppliers.

Delivery: If you can not get to us, fear not, we can arrange for a delivery to be made. We offer a range of delivery options.

Delivery Timeframe: Wattle Gro operate from an expanding orders and dispatch area and we handle all our delivery & pickup orders in-house, and do our own deliveries.

If your order is needed for delivery within the Perth metro area, you can expect to have your products within 1-3 days (you will be notified of your delivery day). If your not in the Perth metro area, we will aim to get your plants to you as fast as possible.

We will notify you if there is a delay in the delivery of your order.

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